Drinkable Garden is my favorite place in the whole white world. Ever since I moved to Arizona I have been going to Drinkable Garden because some of my new colleagues used to go there. They moved and I am now telling newcomers to town that this is the place for them. It really does not matter how old you are, what kind of a person you are, what you do for a living or if you do anything for a living. You should come and visit Drinkable Garden and see why it is the haven of everyone from Tucson who knows a bit about getting relaxed.

Marvin Braye, Tucson, AZ

My parents take me to Drinkable Garden at least once a week and that is the best time of the entire week for me and my brother. We love their big pool and we love how they let us go to garden and pick our own fruit and then make our own juice. And my mom and dad are always so happy and relaxed when we go to the Garden.

Lucy Howard

I work in an office in a company that is just like every other company. You know the type, those that are in all the movies and TV shows that happen in an office of some kind. It is a soul-crushing job and I hate it but a man’s gotta make a living. So, I plow on every day and I try and make it to Friday. The reason why I love Fridays is not just that tomorrow is Saturday and the first day of the weekend. It is also because every Friday, rain or shine, summer or winter, no matter what, I drive straight to Drinkable Garden, I take off my shoes while I am still in my car and I unbutton my shirt. The tie is long gone. I have my own tree in their garden, I sit underneath it and I have them make me a barely alcoholic cocktail with the freshest juice in the world. And then I take a big long breath and I can feel my life getting better with every moment that passes in that beautiful cool garden.

A Working John

I don’t think I could imagine my life without Drinkable Garden being there and letting me relaxed as if I was not dealing with a gazillion issues every day, both at work and in my family. I love Drinkable Garden. It helps me reboot for another day.

Deidre Sloan

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet and we like to leave it to our visitors to let other people know what they can find at Drinkable Garden, but we would like more and more people to come and visit us and become our friends and that is [...] Continue Reading…

If you are ever in Arizona and especially if you are passing through Tucson, we would like to invite you to come and visit us, the Drinkable Garden, the only place in Arizona where you will feel as if you were transported off of this earth and put down [...] Continue Reading…